Lymphatic drainage

Professional Lymphatic Drainage in Helsinki

Lymphatic drainage (Lymphatic Therapy) aims to activate the lymphatic system in order for the body´s fluid circulation to work ideally and for excess liquids to leave its tissue. An ideally functioning fluid circulation transports nutrition and oxygen efficiently within the body and removes excess liquid as well as waste matter.

Using lymphatic drainage, it is possible to

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve pain
  • Relax the body
  • Speed up tissue recovery

What happens during lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage offers include manual lymphatic drainage, compression treatment and compression products (different stockings and sleeves). In addition to manual lymphatic drainage, we also offer mechanical lymphatic drainage.

Manual lymphatic drainage can be described as a light suction pump massage on the customer´s bare skin and can be performed on any part of the body.

Manual lymphatic drainage is most effective when combined with compression treatment or products. As necessary we may also use kinesiology tape to treat inflammation, which helps reduce it and improves fluid circulation.

Another way to supplement manual lymphatic drainage is mechanical lymphatic drainage: we are using the LymphaTouch and LymphaPress device. We also sell a range of care products for LymphaPress treatment that we warmly encourage you to test.

How quickly does lymphatic drainage work?

Even just one session of lymphatic drainage treatment can be effective, but the size of the problem area will determine treatment length and intensity. Most treatment sessions last one hour. A detailed treatment schedule is worked out during a customer´s first visit.

A good skin care routine, healthy diet and regular exercise should all be part of successful lymphatic drainage and can drastically improve outcomes.

Who is lymphatic drainage suitable for?

Lymphatic drainage is most suitable for customers who experience acute or chronic inflammation (related to cancer treatment, surgery, plastic surgery, accidents, illness, reduced muscle tone, metabolic problems or pregnancy). Moreover, it has been proven to improve the healing process of bruises and scars and has helped patients suffering with fibromyalgia and rheumatism.

Lymphatic drainage on prescription or without

Lymphatic drainage can be accessed by patients on prescription or without one, as well as through public sector liabilities. Our company has agreements with the City of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital for lymphatic drainage treatment and the measurement of support garments.