Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is performed in order to activate the lymphatic system. The objective is to relieve swelling, pain and to relax. Lymphatic drainage includes manual lymphatic drainage, compression binding and compression products (socks and sleeves). Good skin care, healthy diet and excercise are part of lymphatic drainage.

The duration and frequency of lymphatic drainage depends on the size of the affected area. Usually one session takes an hour. A more detailed management plan is made together with the customer at the first visit.

Manual lymphatic drainage is light compression on bare skin. It can be performed in any part of the body. Manual lymphatic drainage is most effective combined with compression binding/products. It is also possible to combine kinetic tapes in management of swelling.


Customers with chronic or acute swelling in the body (swelling related to cancer treatment, post-surgery state, plastic surgery procedures, injuries, diseases, muscular weakening, metabolic disorders and pregnancy) can benefit from lymphatic drainage. It has also been proved to have healing effects on bruises and scars. Also customers suffering from fibromyalgia or rheumatism have found relief in lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage customers can come with a referral a without one. We accept also public sector payment agreements. Customers coming with a SVF3 referral usually pay the appointments by themselves. Kela compensation is applied to lymphatic drainage, if the therapy is given for a cancer operation or other large surgical procedure. Kela compensation is applied in cases of chronic erysipelas and lymphatic disorders.