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Acupuncture is an ancient, traditional treatment originating from China. From the perspective of Western medicine, acupuncture means the stimulation of nerve endings in certain acupuncture points with an acupuncture needle. This stimulation triggers the body’s own pain relief and healing process, for example. It has also been observed to improve local and general blood circulation, […]

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Painokevennetty kävelyharjoitus kävelymatolla. | Viktavlastande gåträning. | Light weighted walking.


Our personnel has specialized in the assessment and rehabillitation of problems caused by neurological diseases and ageing in young and adult people as well as in the management of post-surgical swelling with manual lymphatic drainage. Our qualified personnel redacts together with the customer and possibly a family member/personnel involved in the rehabilitation the objectives for

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Lymphatic drainage

Professional Lymphatic Drainage in Helsinki Lymphatic drainage (Lymphatic Therapy) aims to activate the lymphatic system in order for the body´s fluid circulation to work ideally and for excess liquids to leave its tissue. An ideally functioning fluid circulation transports nutrition and oxygen efficiently within the body and removes excess liquid as well as waste matter.

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Voice Massage -kuva.

Voice Massage

Voice Massage Therapy in Helsinki Voice massage therapy is the treatment of muscle groups involved in breathing and sound production using traditional massage methods. The efficacious massage focuses primarily on the upper body, neck and face area. The aim of voice massage is to remove muscle tenderness in order for adequate posture, mobility (especially in

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Supportive products

TT-Fysio Oy have made a cooperation agreement with Mekalasi and Essity Finland Oy. Through us you can get, among others, medical treatment socks or supportive socks for swelling for work, travelling or pregnancy. By scheduling an appointment you can get an appropriate product with the guidance of our professional personnel. The product can be collected

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Our prices can be downloaded and viewed as pdf file: Prices (in Finnish)Supportive sock prices (in Finnish)Supportive products (in Finnish)  

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